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The Youth Voter Movement is excited to share this non-partisan free comprehensive Youth Voting Civics Education Toolkit developed by the Santa Clara County Office of Education in San Jose, CA, with support from community partners, including the Youth Voter Movement. Expert civics curriculum developers created a wide variety of (a)synchronous (mini)lessons for civics educators to use with their students. Embedded in the curriculum are PDFs, quizzes, videos, hyperlinks, games and original sources.

The curriculum is designed to motivate students to think about voting and what matters most to them.

The big ideas include:

  • What do I Care About?
    Students will identify their personal values and the issues that matter most to them, even if they are not eligible to vote at this time.
  • Who Votes and Why?
    Students will investigate others’ motivation for voting and gain a deeper understanding of its importance in a democracy; as well as, understand the ideals of various political parties.
  • How do I Choose?
    Students will analyze political speeches and news media; in addition to, explore the local ballot for the upcoming election and understand how their personal values and issues that matter most to them are influential in how they vote.
  • What’s My Plan?
    Students will understand the voting process and create their own plan for election day.
  • My Voter ID?
    Students will create a personal scrapbook page that identifies who they are as a potential voter.


We hope you find the curriculum useful for your students.  We look forward to receiving your feedback on what worked well and what we can improve.

Please Register Students to Vote via YVM Website:
By registering students to vote via the YVM website, we can track the effectiveness of the resources the site is providing.  We (and you) can have access to how many students registered, from what schools, by what teachers, etc. We also try to capture best practices for future registration drives via a survey.

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