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Planning a Voter Registration Event?

So, you want to (or are already planning to) host a youth voter registration drive? Excellent!

The Youth Voter Movement wants to make the process easier for you, if we can. Check out the resources provided on our website and feel free to use whatever is helpful.

If you send us the date and location of your registration drive, we’ll add it to our Events calendar to help get the word out.

Let us know about the success of your registration drive so we can share your ideas with others who are interested in hosting drives.  After your event, we’re hoping you’ll fill out our short three-question survey and let us know how many new young voters you registered at your event.

Use this form to request the survey link:

The success of the Youth Voter Movement relies on young adults sharing their ideas so that each registration drive is as simple and as successful as possible.

Our goal is to support youth across the country register thousands of new young adult voters.

Strength in numbers equals power at the polls and enacted legislation reflecting the values of a younger generation equals a better country for all.

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