Learn From Past Events

To help others, students are asked to fill out a
survey after the registration events they organize.
Below is a list of feedback we’ve received:

What others did to organize the event:

Most of my friends were part of the larger event that was happening at the place where I was registering people My mother helped while.I was giving my speech. . So, I didn't have a lot of help and it was a bit chaotic. On the one hand it gave a lot.of visibility to be at this large event. On the downside,, it seemed that people were so engages in conversations and dinner and speeches inside of the main venue, not many people were interested in my booth.

I built my team through a small group of friends and was able to get six adult volunteers by contacting the League of Women Voters (though I contacted them kinda late -- won't make that mistake again). I chose the area outside the school cafeteria because it's always crowded during lunch and I knew I'd have a huge audience there. I also got my social studies teacher to bring students.

How they promoted their registration event:

I asked the organizers if I could have a table. They then invited me to speak as well. The event was a fundraiser for my high school so I knew there would be lots of youth. I did not get press involved because I think it would have taken away from the larger event.

I was able to get permission for the event and the venue (outside my high school cafeteria during lunch hour) and the registration forms through my local League of Women Voters. I asked school administrators to help me publicize the event through the school's online "Events" portal and several friends posted in on their social media channels.

Advice from student organizers (things to watch out for, lessons learned):

I will definitely do it again. So many people in my Muslim community dont vote. So many did not know that 16 year olds can pre register. I was nervous but for more comfortable as time went on. Something I can do better is have a dedicated person to take pictures. I think I think I should.have more.giveaway items, even small.ones to get people to my table.

I was able to pull the event together fairly quickly on my own (just a few weeks), but next time I'll plan better to make sure I have a bigger team and more adult volunteers.

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